Monitoring Childrens Development

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Task 3 - links to learning outcome 3, assessment criteria 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 and 3.4.

* an explanation of how to monitor children and young people’s development using different methods., * Assessment frameworks ( eg EYFS profile assessment, P Scales (Performance Indicators Value Added Target Setting) CAF (Common Assessment Framework)) describe those frameworks that would apply to the type of setting you are in eg Early years setting, Children’s residential home, School. *

* CAF (Common Assessments framework)
* CAF is a framework that assess children’s additional needs and identifies how * best to meet those needs. CAF consists of
* A pre assessment to help decide who would benefit from a common assessment and then act on result * A standard form to record the assessment
* A delivery plan and review form
* A stand alone consent statement
* CAF has been designed to help professionals who work with children assess their needs at an early age and work with the children and their families to meet those needs. Some parents know their child has a difficulty learning but don’t know how to get help, CAF will help identify those children and will help them progress through appropriate intervention. *

* EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage)
* The EYFS is a single quality framework to support children’s learning and development from birth to five. The Framework is based on four themes and principles and these are supported by sixteen commitments. * 1. A unique child - recognises that the child is an individual that is competent to learn. * 2. Positive relationships – Child will learn to have secure relationships with parents, careers and peers * 3. Enabling environment – Environments role in development * 4. Learning and Development – Children learn and develop in different ways. * The EYFS will help professionals who work with children to provide appropriate play experiences to help children develop in these areas. It will help to identify children’s strengths and weaknesses whilst they are playing, this will ensure that the children receive the right help and support to develop new skills. This is a principled play based approach to learning and development. If a child is thought to have a special education need or disability EYFS strategies will be used to target work specifically to help the children progress *

* The government has set standard assessment tasks for all 7, 11 and 14 year olds in England. The tests are used to give the school an indication of where the child is academically and how they are doing at school. The results monitor the child’s progress and show the child’s strengths and weaknesses, this can help the school and the parents to help the child progress by helping the child to get extra support in the weak areas. *

* Observation Standard measurements (Development and health assessments from 0 upwards both in setting) *
* Good observation skills can help to indentify children’s development and then * plan activities or work exercises to support the development stage that they * are at. By watching a child you can identify aspects of their development and * progress that may be of concern. Observing children requires you to notice * what a child is doing and to think about why it is that they are doing it. * Making you aware of the child’s strengths and weaknesses. Observation is * spent specifically watching a child or group of children and then recording * what you have found. As children are unaware that they are being assess, * they are often more relaxed, this means that you can get a true picture of * which development stage the child is at. It is important to report any concerns * immediately to the class teacher, so they can decide on an appropriate action. *

* Information from parent/carers
* No one knows a child...
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