Monitoring and Evaluation in South African Government

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A. Student - Personal Information
Student Name| Thokozani Eugene Zungu|
Identity No| 6702145297086|
Physical Address| No 2 Kingfisher Road Ladysmith KwaZulu Natal3370| Email Address||
Mobile Telephone No.| 073 233 4569|

B. Course of Study
Emerging Researchers Capacity Enhancement Programme|

C. Module
Monitoring & Evaluation – Module 1|

D. Table of Contents
Section| Heading| Sub-Heading| Page|
1| Contextual Background | 1.1 Introduction| 2 - 3|
2| Monitoring & Evaluation Concepts| 2.1(a) Key Concepts 2.1(b) Other Key Elements| 4| 3| S.A Strategic Objectives in Pursuit of High Service Performance| 3.1 Review of Public Service Performance3.2 Reforming Procurement Processes | 5 -6| 4| A Case of South Africa - DIDF Report| | 6|

5| Defining S.A Strategic Imperatives in Building Competent Public Service| 5.1 Building Capacity in Monitoring and Evaluation5.2 Strengthening Monitoring & Evaluation Capacity| 7 - 9| 6| Important Lessons of Evaluations Capacity Building from other Countries| Uganda – Malawi – Egypt – Sri Lanka – United Kingdom| 10| 7| Summation and Conclusion | A Success Story of Uganda – Mackay 2007| 11| 8| Bibliography| | 12|

E. Question
Discuss application of the principles in the context of South Africa’ developmental state. Your answer should identify institutional structures, policy processes and policy outputs that reflect the application of these principles in the S.A context. It should also take into account of lessons from international experience.|


Section 1
Contextual Background – South Africa as a Developmental State 1.1 Introduction
The approach to the Monitoring & Evaluation systems by different countries is diverse depending on the context and the background factors that govern the particular country’s development priorities, as well as the pressing issues of reform at a particular time. Some countries develop Monitoring and Evaluation systems as an opportunistic reactionary measure against stressful fiscal pressures that is accompanied by ever-rising expectations from the country’s citizens; and the pressure to provide more government services at a high level of quality. It is this kind of pressure that forces governments to put in place cost-effective ways of delivering services, so that governments are able to do more with less. South Africa is a developing country, very much like most countries in Latin America; and is a promising case in the bigger scheme of monitoring and evaluation in Africa, pretty much like Uganda. Like most countries, in Africa, South Africa has in its own agenda, poverty reduction development priorities. This assignment has identified two most crucial contextual factors that affect service delivery, either positively or negatively in South Africa. Those factors include (a) the form of governance and structure (b) the fiscal environment and economic management; and they are discussed below: 1.2.1 Form of Governance and Structure: - South Africa is a democratic state, whose developmental imperatives, developmental issues; as well as its policy development processes are influenced, in the main, by its structure and form. Administratively, South Africa subscribes to the ideology of decentralization – administrative decentralization and fiscal decentralization. It must be understood that form of governance and the type of decentralization theory will always have marked effect in determining the characteristics of a particular country; its policy implications and conditions for success of such policies. South Africa is modeled around two sub-types of decentralization:

(a) Administrative decentralization: this form of governance seeks to redistribute authority, responsibility and financial resources for providing public services among...
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