Topics: Mongolia, Temperature, Central Asia Pages: 1 (391 words) Published: May 25, 2008

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia holds the record for the coldest capital with -57ºC. Mongolia’s harsh climate makes it difficult for the citizens to live there. The temperature of Mongolia affects the culture of these people in several ways. The food they eat, the clothes they wear, and the technology they use all depend on the average temperature of Mongolia. With perseverance and ambition, the inhabitants learned to live with the temperatures. Even though Mongolia has many citizens today, Mongolia has a difficult and unusual climate. Mongolia is located in Northern Asia, between China and Russia. Mongolia has three natural regions. It has forested areas, grassland, and steppe. In summer, Mongolia’s average temperature is 20ºC, whereas in winter, it’s -20ºC. During summer, farmers grow wheat, barley, vegetables, and other crops. Droughts are regularly in Mongolia. Statistics say that Mongolia has 280 days in a year with clear blue sky, meaning it seldom rains. Farmers prey that their crops grow during the time period in order to feed their livestock. Sheep, goats, cattle, camels, and horses live and inhabit Mongolia. Mongolia undergoes extreme and fanatical winters. Livestock and plants are limited during this season. Every year, the harsh winters come early. Mongolians survive their winters with perseverance and determination. Mongolians commonly wear Dan dels. It is a long, loose gown cut in one piece with the sleeves. It has a high collar and widely overlaps at the front. The Dan del is worn by men and women. The Dan del is very much like a dress. Mongolians usually wear them on work and special days. During the winters, Mongolians wear thick boots with tight hats to protect them from frostbite. The technology in Mongolia is mostly old school. Mongolia’s most important form of transportation is the Trans-Mongolian Railway. The railway runs north-south through the central part of the country. Mongolia has a strong postal service. The Communication...
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