Mongol Impact

Topics: Genghis Khan, Mongol Empire, Mongolia Pages: 3 (818 words) Published: May 31, 2013
Bryan Vander Ploeg
Professor Dinan
History 1040
May 28, 2013
The Mongol Impact
After reading through today’s chapter it is hard to define what the group of Mongols exactly were in history. On one hand you have sources telling you tales of them pilaging through cities and slaughtering everyone and burning the entire city to the ground. Then other sources are discussing how great their expansion was for opening up trade routes and communication ways for a whole bunch of empires. All in all I believe I need to go with the Mongols being labled as a violent group that ushered in an era of cruelty. The reason behind this is because Wiesner discusses their spread of rumors before they even expanded their territory. “By the time they reached the Middle East and Europe their enemies attributed them ith superhuman ferocity. In the Christian West, where they came to be seen as a form of divine punishment loosed on a sinful world, they were even called ‘the Scourge of God’.” Ata al-Mulk Juvaini wrote in his History of the World Conquerer “Chinggis Khan and his generals willingly butchered defensless prisoners and civilians in their sweep across Muslim lands”. To my understanding you do not get a reputatuation like that with just expanding and opening up new communication between people, you are labeled a scourage for a reason.

Mathew Paris had wrote in his History of the Tartars “accusing them of fiendishness for their delight in mass murder and cannibalism: ‘And thus they use their captives like beasts of burden. The men are inhuman and bestial, they can be said to be monsters rather than men, they thirst for blood and drink it’.”

Chinggis Khan was the founder of the Mongolian empire. He was a driven man who just set out to unite all the nomads in Mongolia. He started his expansion in 1206 and did not stop until his death in 1227. Chinggis had died during his expansion which resulted him from achieving his ultimate victory but by that time anyway he had taken more...
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