Mongol Empire

Topics: Mongol Empire, Mongolia, Central Asia Pages: 2 (428 words) Published: February 22, 2012
The Mongolian Empire had significant political and economical impact on China and Russia during their time of power, but mostly China got the full impact of the Mongolian rule because of their closeness to Mongol. This brought upon direct rule by the Mongolian Empire, Whereas Russia was left alone for the most part. They were mainly left to its devices under independent princedoms and got the Mongolian influence through taxes.

The rule of Mongolia had more of an impact on China than on the Russia. Basically Mongolians were nomads while China and Russia were settled down. By great leadership of Genghis Khan and a well motivated economic purpose, Mongolia created the largest land Empire ever to be recorded. Just south of Mongolia lies China, which was directly ruled by the Mongolians. However, Russia with poor resources and coldness was ruled by a large amount of independent princes. Instead of directly ruling them like China, after defeating them they let them continue on as they were before as long as they paid their taxes. They gave them the freedom to continue practicing Christianity and leave the princes in charge to uphold their respect. But this was not the case for China, because the Mongolians took over by defeating the imperial armies and declaring full rule over them. The Chinese civil service exams became lest important due to the fact that the Mongolians were heavily taxing the Chinese people. Coming down to it, it shows that Mongol had more of a political affect on China's culture, sovereignty, and policies then they had over the Russians.

Through economical stand point they were affected the same. Heavy taxes in both Russia and China populations. They did however grow economically, through long distance trade. They created a network that spread and made it a lot easier to trade long distances to bring in more money. By about 1200, the Mongolians were experimenting with gunpowder in China, which created a major export for the Chinese people....
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