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Moneyball movie quotes unfold smoothly to give us one of those rare movies that even those who couldn't care less about baseball or sports will find engaging. This movie is based on a book by Michael Lewis and it gives the audience and interesting take on how to win at the game of baseball and it's also based on the true story of real life Oakland A's general manager Billy Beane (Brad Pitt) and how he turned around the team with the help of an Ivy league graduate computer whiz Peter Brand (Jonah Hill). The chemistry between Pitt and Hill helps drive the movie and gives it life with Pitt giving one of his best performances. Moneyball is a sharp, shrewd, intelligent and satisfying movie and for all the concentration on numbers, it never loses sight of the fact that this is a game of people.

Moneyball: The Fine Art of Strategy and other Valuable Lessons

What's Moneyball about?
* Oakland A's GM Billy Beane is handicapped with the lowest salary constraint in baseball. If he ever wants to win the World Series, Billy must find a competitive advantage. Billy is about to turn baseball on its ear when he uses statistical data to analyze and place value on the players he picks for the team.  * Moneyball can be seen and understood as a sports movie, and it is that, but if one looks only that far when watching this film, then one misses out on half the story, if not all of it. * Moneyball is a masterclass in strategy, leadership, taking and sticking to difficult decisions, and the ever so popular "thinking outside the box". * Upon watching Moneyball, I felt like I was watching a compendium of all of the topics such as "Team Management", "Leadership Skills", "Strategic Thinking" and so on in a condensed 2-hour version that left me quite breathless.

Redefining the problem: We aren't asking the right questions * Redefining problems to find new and fresh solutions is one of the most valuable lessons anyone can learn, in business or elsewhere. It's...
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