Money Makes the Happiness?

Topics: Happiness, Poverty, Happiness economics Pages: 2 (528 words) Published: October 11, 2010
Money makes the happiness?
Most people want to be happy, and they think about 'where come from the happiness?' many people think the happiness is connected with wealth. They believe more money make more happiness. However, we can't buy happiness by money. Wealth is not everything in human life. According to 'The Geography of Bliss' by Eric Weiner, there are some places which are very wealth countries and poor countries. the writer introduces 'Happiness" of each countries. The first country is Bhutan. the Bhutan's the most important issue is the happiness. They adopt a GNH (Gross National Happiness), and they think GNH is more than GNP (Gross National Product). They also believe money is not absolute value. Bhutanese believe that the happiness is not to expect from impossible thing. they have "realistic expectations". They too much concentrate on spiritual problems, so that environment is inconvenience and incompletion. However, they believe happiness come from self-examination and community concern. although the Bhutan is one of poor countries in the world, the Bhutan is the most happiness country. On the the other hand, the second country is the Qatar. The Qatar is wealthiest country. there is no tax and education is free, but they are not happy. although wealthiest country, they can not buy important thing in society such as culture and sprite. They don't have their own culture, so they want to buy sprite and culture, but it is not possible as you know. However, Qatar people act like we can buy everything in the world. it is a misguided love of money. Therefore, although they have a lot of money, they have unhappiness. The third country is about the Moldova. The Moldova is very poor country like Bhutan, but they also don't have their culture as Qatar. People of Moldova believe that poverty make unhappiness, so they blame the Soviet Union and politicians for unhappiness, and they always complain all the time. The biggest problem in Moldova is not money issue....
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