Money Is a Responcibility Henry Louis Gates Jr. Essay

Topics: Henry Louis Gates, Responsibility, Social responsibility Pages: 2 (486 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Money is a Responsibility
In his essay, “What’s in a Name?” Henry Louis Gates Jr. travels back to an event in time where his father encountered prejudice and at that time, Henry Louis Gates Jr. made an extraordinary realization at a young age. We have all had small realizations, but like Gates Jr., I had one that changed my life.

Zero responsibility and no value of money can seem like a great way of thinking, but as I look back on it, I wouldn’t want to go back to that mindset. Before moving to South Carolina, I grew up and lived in Windsor Locks, Connecticut. Windsor Locks wasn’t a wealthy town, but I was a somewhat spoiled child. Unlike many teenagers at sixteen, I had very few responsibilities. I had no job, nor any bills that I was financially responsible for. My mother paid for all of my bills such as my cell phone bill, car insurance, and any other expenses I had.

I moved here along with my brother and my father over the summer. Since moving, I have obtained a job, and become responsible for my bills. I am now responsible for paying my car insurance, and other bills I may have.

One day, when running out, I realized I’d have to buy shower supplies myself for the first time. I decided to drive down to Walgreens in order to purchase what I needed. I checked my bank account balance via my iPhone, and realized I only have fifty dollars to spend. At that moment I understood I would have to limit my spending. As I walked through the aisles I kept my eyes on prices, keeping in mind my decision for a limited budget. I bought and paid for what I needed, but despite trying to save money, I spent thirty dollars.

While driving home from the store, I realized I only had twenty dollars left to my name. At that point, I had the biggest realization of my life. I finally realized the value of money because I had never bought things myself before. It hurt to see that just a few months ago; I had no worries, responsibilities, or bills. But a few months ago, I also...
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