Money Is the Root of All Evil

Topics: English-language films, Love, Thing Pages: 2 (495 words) Published: September 2, 2012
Money is not the root of all evil. Love is. Whether this is true or not, it all depends on individual views. Some may argue that it is true, while some say that it is not true. What is money? Money is something used to buy and sell things. Why do people want money so much? It is because of greed. The definition of greed in the dictionary is an extreme desire for something . In the modern world today people use money to buy the things they want or desire to have. Let me ask you, what would you do for something that you like a lot. Example maybe a phone, a new laptop? Or even the latest comic book, branded goods? Take a moment to think about it. When somebody is greedy the person becomes selfish, uncivilized, narrow minded, unscrupulous and to some extent become cleverer as the person will find ways to get the thing he or she desires. What will the person do? Some people will steal, con people of their money, blackmail people and many more. All these are all against the law. People are usually overwhelmed by temptation to do bad things because of greed. Many people think about love as something that is positive and thinks that there is nothing bad about love and that love is pure, something that is innocent. When we talk above love, the first thing that comes to a person’s mind is a relationship or parental love and think that there is nothing bad about it. Those who have not been in a relationship might not know the challenges of maintaining a relationship. Some of the challenges or problems that people face in a relationship is where there is a third party involved, not prioritizing the relationship, over suspicion of either sides and many more. When people face such problems and do not know how to solve these problems, they might go through depression causing them to be mentally and emotionally unstable and when they are mentally and emotionally unstable, they will do anything that they think will help to solve the problem. One example is that If there...
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