Money Is The Key To Happiness

Topics: Personal life, Happiness, Money Pages: 2 (571 words) Published: July 22, 2014

Money is the key to happiness. Without money we are nothing. Do you agree with this statement? Thousand of years ago, the barter trade used to be a way of exchanging goods but came to an end afterwards due to the introduction of money. Since then, human society has changed rapidly. Commerce has got simpler and doing business with other countries further afield is no longer out of question. But these changes are not all which were taken into consideration. First and foremost, material possession is believed to give a guarantee of future happiness. Money do meet the basic human need for food, clothing and shelter as well as offer people with the advanced service from health care to cosmetic surgery. Moreover, good financial condition guarantee a promising future for people and their relatives. Consequently, many parents slog at work in hope to provide their offspring with excellent education and great comfort. Once people can do have a decent life and ensure the long-term stability in the future, they are inevitably filled with happiness. On the contrary, the poor, who always live from hand to mouth, are completely isolated from modern society. They are engaged in a desperate struggle with numerous life-and-death difficulties to make ends meet and support their families. For example, in some underdeveloped countries in Africa, the refugees are usually seen living on many streets and getting no access to medical care or primary education for kids. Food and clothing are of their great concern and a happy life seems to be out of reach. All in all, long-term happiness relies on stable finacial condition, which is by no means obtained without money. On the other hand, money is not only something to obtain but it also generate the necessary motivation for every individual in their way of life. For example, many parents try to work arduously to supply their children with good education. When they graduate from the university, they may expect to ante up much money to...
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