Money Is Not a Prerequisite for Joy

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  • Published : May 11, 2013
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Money is not a prerequisite for joy
Is wealthy country equal to happy country? The answer is definitely not. According to the “Gross National Happiness”(GNH) index, economic wellness is only one of the components which contribute the the GNH index. As the happiest nation in the world, Bhutan's Gross National product is just $1400USD per capita, but they have the sense the contentment, thats why the Kingdom of Bhutan can become the happiest country.Obviously, money is not the prerequisite for joy, no matter on personal level, family level or society level. Undeniably, money is needed to maintain our daily living. People tries to earn much money as they can at all cost. They may work 16-18 hour per day. Try to imagine, if you are doing some work which is not your interest, even you can earn much money, you will not feel happy, because it is not your ideal job, you will have lack motivation to work hard. Moreover, heavy workload may lead to some health problem. Needless to say, healthy is much more important than wealthy. If you are a billionaire, but you got cancer and need to fight with the illness, you will not be happy even though you have many "golden paper". On the other hand, focusing in your work will sacrifice the leisure time. People is like rubber band, if you pull it hardly, it will break into parts. If you just spend the time on working without relaxation, you will feel nothing but stressful. Money came along with stress, then how can a stressful person become happy? Suppose family is a shelter which protect you from external threats. What if the family changed into a battlefield due to the asset struggling? Hong Kong Yung Kee Restaurant is a famous restaurant which worth about 1.5 billion. The restaurant is operated by the Kam family and the family members are competing for the Yung Kee Restaurant as its market value is high. The family was harmonious but since the lawsuit about the possession of Yung Kee started, the shelter broken into pieces....
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