Money Is Not Everything Case

Topics: Virtue, Meaning of life, Love Pages: 3 (857 words) Published: February 20, 2013
1. According to C.S. Lewis there are three things morality is concerned about , what are those things? Explain each one. Morality, then, seems to be concerned with three things. First, with fair play and harmony between individuals. Second, with what might be called tidying up or harmonizing the things inside each individual. Third, with the general purpose of human life as a whole: what man was made for: what course the whole fleet ought to be one: what tune the conductor of the band wants it to play

a. Personal – What’s the use of thinking and just drawing up rules if we don’t think that the courage and unselfishness of individuals is ever going to make any system work b. Communal – Kindness and fair play between nation, classes and individuals c. Purpose – the thinking that every individual lives on forever. This means that we are more valuable than anything in the world which will come to an end.

2. What are the 4 Cardinal Virtues? (Give a definition of cardinal and each of the virtues)? Cardinal virtues are virtues which are common to all people, Christian or not. It is derived from a Latin word meaning ‘the hinge of a door’ because they are pivotal d. Prudence – practical common sense; harmless as doves but also as wise as serpents e. Temperance – putting a limit to one’s “addictions” f. Justice – “fairness”

g. Fortitude – 2 kinds of courage, faces danger and sticks it under pain; guts

3. What does it mean for commitment to be “elusive?” Breaking a commitment for a “higher” commitment; Breaking a commitment is considered bad by society; the less you think about your commitment, the deeper it is 4. What is the meaning of the statement “Commitment is a choice and a promise?” And how does it relate to freedom? Though we have a choice, people allow themselves to be afflicted with the voluntary slavery of indetermination. The promise is a particular kind of choice. Unlike every other choice we...
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