Money in Your Life

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Money in Your Life

Our world is primarily based around money. How you view the money in your life affects your lifestyle, what you will do with that money and how you will supervise it. Making sure you are given the tools and knowledge as to manage your money will help you to manage your whole life and make better decisions. Interviewing my mom has taught me the different ways that money can impact your life.

How you grow up can affect the way you run your finances. It can either motivate you to change what your parents did, and make it work better for you, or you can make the decision to mimic what they did. My grandparents would work together to work on finances and create a budget. They were able to make plans allowing them to provide their family with not only their needs but their wants as well. My mom has taken this and used it in her own life. She communicates with my dad to make their finances work for our family. My mom has mimicked what my grandparents were able to do with their money and implemented them into her own life using the skills she learned while growing up.

What you are taught about money and how to utilize it affects what you will do with your money. If you are taught the correct ways to use your money and how to manage it you are better off. My mom learned most of her money skills from her parents. They gave her a foundation for money management. She could take these skills and use them to her own advantage. She also took accounting classes in high school which helped too. She says that she should have used more of what she was taught and put it into her own life. The principals of money management stay the same but from the time my mom was growing up to now technology has made a huge impact on how we manage money today. You also have more options and opportunity to make money. Technology, like computer programs for tracking your money or making projections was not available to her growing up. This generation learning it now...
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