Money Does Not Bring Happiness

Topics: Happiness, Eudaimonia, Question Pages: 2 (435 words) Published: May 1, 2011
Money does not bring happiness

If the question “Does money bring you happiness?” is asked, many people will probably answer affirmatively. That it is because nowadays money plays a very important role in the society. In this time of crisis where not many people can reach to the end of the month, the answer of this question will be a resounding yes. But, for people who live comfortably with enough money to reach to the end of the month, the answer for this question probably will be no. Because, in most of cases, once achieved a minimun economic welfare to live in society, money ceases to be the star of their happiness. So, for people who live without monetary problems the increase of money does not bring them happiness, while for people who struggle to prosper their loved ones, money gives them a warm and harmonious happiness.

People must not focus the money as the center of their lifes because money is just a tool to survival. But some people use to forget this and have the money as the most important thing in their life, forgetting that the money can not buy happiness.

For some people, money not only brings happiness but it also brings problems. One of them it is the fact that the money turns people materialistic and do not leave them to enjoy no materialistic things such as special moments with the family or friends; that happen because the concept of happiness for this people is to satisfy themselfs with material things. According to that, people become selfish and they only think about themself and about have more money. Another problem that money brings to rich people is the fact that people just want to stay with them or be his/her friend just because of their money. It is one of the worst things that can happen to this people because they do not know if somebody is his/her friend because they are nice persons or because they are interested in their money. So, in some cases the synonym of money could be the unhappiness.

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