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Topics: United States, Republic of China, Education Pages: 4 (1246 words) Published: March 28, 2013
University of the Fraser Valley
CSM 104
Lara Petrie

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Research Question: Should Chinese people change their traditional habits when they live in the United States because the traditional habits of Chinese people is unsuited in the United States? I. Thesis statement: Chinese people settled in the United States are bound to change a lot of traditional habits to adapt to American culture, otherwise unable to survive. II. Money concept

A. The difference
1. American money concept
2. Chinese money concept
B. Changing money concept
1. How to change
2. An example
IV. The custody of children
A. The difference
1. American education
2. Chinese education
B. Changing education
1. How to change
2. An example
V. An source from “The Difference Between Chinese and American Education” VI. Trust
A. Became not confident by moving
1. What make people unconfident
2. How to fix that

The Changing
The changing is not how human being change, is not how culture change. It is how people change when two culture encounter. For accurate, how Chinese people change their traditional habits when they live in the United States? A famous television play “Beijing people in New York” narrates how Chinese people live in the United States. The main plot is a Beijing family moved to New York. They met all sorts of trouble, and then they changed their lifestyles, abandoned their traditional habits, so that their marriage, their daughter, and their friends for them to change., In order to show the actor was changed by New York's cultural, in the last episode of this TV play, the actor's friend came to New York take refuge in him, but the actor just lent him $50 and told him self-reliance. As is known to all, the biggest difference between Chinese people and American people is money concept. That is why the actor just lent his...
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