money cant buy you happness

Topics: Happiness, Need, Positive psychology Pages: 2 (342 words) Published: November 20, 2013
Money could never make me happier than my family. Just being able to spend
time at the house or wherever we are makes me the happiest. Money couldnt bring the

bond we have for each other. Money can buy you fancy things but it cant buy you

love and happy memories that come from your family.

Money can make me feel happy, but in a superficial way. Money is more of a

want and not a need for me. If I lost all of my money and all of my belongings I

could still be happy. Money and the things that you buy can be replaced. Your

family and the love and memories of your family are things that cannot be replaced

no matter how much money you make in your life. I believe there are more important

things than how much money you have like school and family. Money cant buy you

talents it can buy you many things but not talent. I would never want to give up

my talent in sports for money. Talent is something given to and you have to be

lucky to have that talent. Money can't buy you a talent for baseball, either its

there or it not.

The last thing money can't buy you is memories. It can buy you a memory of

a hotel that you stayed at, that you wanted and spent two grand on but it can't

buy you all the happy memories that you spent messing around in that hotel room

and the memories that you made there spending time and having fun with your family.

Money goes along way but to me it doesnt go far enough no matter how much money

you have. I want what makes me happpy and money isnt it since you can't buy

happiness. Money can mean alot to certain people but to me it does not. I would

rather have less money and be happy for the right reasons then lots of money and

trying to buy my happiness for the wrong reasons.
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