Money Cannot Buy Happiness

Topics: Happiness, 2002 albums, Personal life Pages: 2 (432 words) Published: April 19, 2013
Money is positively donated to determine the leading of economic performance in society, whereas it is negatively caused changing moment by the purpose of using money. Money is an essential implement which can provide entertainment, the means of livelihood and any other good effects in life. Alternatively, money may contribute to people side effects. In other words, although money is necessary to buy the essentials for living, money cannot provide an emotion: particularly, happiness. There are several possible reasons to classify and support this argument.

It seems to be believed that happiness can be bought. This is because we are living in a society which is surrounded by a desire for material gain. When they have finished paying, for example, the will find themselves empty and still not contented with what they have. Happiness cannot be found in big houses or expensive cars because material belongings are only superficial and will soon disappear. It is necessary to focus attention on the more important things like family and love in order to be happy. This means it will be found the happiness through moral conduct. Therefore, money cannot buy happiness. Conversely, it can be temporally provided the happiness factors through material conduct.

Moreover, although money may help to cope with troubles that prevent anyone from being happy however, it cannot literally buy happiness. For example, money can clear debts, which can bring some relief, but it is not the perfect solution and cannot create the true happiness.

Furthermore, money is likely to cause financial problem which provoke the bad results. A wealthy person wants to achieve happiness spend time investing in themselves. However, the person would never be satisfied with one’s own happiness. This is because they will have no idea of what happiness is for them. Nevertheless, they just consider that the more money is spent, the greater the happiness is brings. Thus, when they face with financial...
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