Money Can Bring Happiness

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Money Can Bring Happiness There are people who agree with the idea that money can actually bring happiness. However, personally I do have some different ideas on that. I happen to read an article about a research on the relationship of the GDP and happiness index of a country. The result of the research was quite astonishing. Although the index of happiness does rise as the GDP per person grows on general, there are a lot of “exceptions” in that case. For example, Indonesia, despite its low income level, still earns a very high score on the happiness index. On the other hand, there are countries like Japan which performs very well on the GDP per capita, but does not score equally high on the index of happiness sheet. This brings me to my point, that money can help to gain happiness in certain ways, but simply having money does not guarantee it.

One of the reasons that makes people think money can bring happiness is they misunderstand the term of “happiness”. Often times they mix it up with the idea of so called sense of satisfaction. We do feel somehow satisfied when we get money, whether just to hold them in hand or to convert them into goods to meet our other demands. However, happiness should stand for far more than that. Family, friends, belief, achievements, those are the words come up in my mind when I talk about the word “happiness”. So, the conclusion is simple, it’s not happiness that money really brings to us.

Another reason for me to deny the idea of money can bring happiness is that money often leads to greed. Status show that the average index of happiness dropped in the last 50 years. On the opposite, our economy has experienced its best period. Clearly the boost of income and the raise of living standard didn’t bring us happiness. The problem here is we get greedier as we have more money. We become harder to be satisfied. However, there’s...
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