Money Are Not Everything

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For most people in our modern world, money is the first thing, and sometimes the only thing that measures success in their life. Money can buy power. Money can buy fame. Money can buy time.. Sometimes money can even buy a life. So money has become the first common goal for everybody. However, there is something else that can be more important in our lifes. ---It is obvious that money is very helpful to us, but but on the other hand, there are many downsides that it has brought into life. Firstly, money brings about a lot of advantages . We use it to equip our houses with furniture, to buy food, clothes and all other things we need to live comfortably. Money is an precondition for every student to go to school and for every patient to see a doctor. Moreover, we can use it for charity.  the more money we earn, the more materials we have. Therefore, people always try their best to earn as much money as possible due to their desire for better life. 

---BUT MONEY IS NOT EVERYTHING. , there are people who put a different meaning into the word "happiness". They see happiness in healthy and friendly relations with their families, friends and those who are dear to them. Money cannot buy good relationships. Consequently, it cannot buy happiness for those who hold friendly interaction with people as a priority.. Money is considered by them only as means of survival in this world and does not have to do anything with happiness. ---I can not say for or against is relative.we know that life without them today is difficult and hard. but I think there is a limit that some people do not see. THE boundary between the true happiness and the happiness, which is brought to us by material things.
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