Money and Relationships

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  • Published : February 20, 2013
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Money and Relationships

Money is one of the most important subjects in the world. People live their entire life trying to get more and more. To most Americans, money means wealth, status, respect, and so much more. A lot of people aren’t aware that money is one of the main things that can cause strife in marriages. Couples want to have an ideal life together and for their children, but that also means more time and energy at the office and so many hours at work. The main question is; is having an abundance of money worth the toll that it could take on a marriage?

Many couples base their success off of how much money they have in their bank account. According to my interviewees, they feel most secure when they have five thousand dollars additional in the bank after all the bills are paid. They like to keep the extra money in the bank as back up in the event that an emergency occurs: car troubles, health problems, or any other surprise expense. It keeps stress off of them and their relationship to know this emergency fund is available. “It can never hurt to have a plan B. Always plan ahead. That’s one lesson we pray our children will catch on to”. The couples I interviewed also like the idea of having joint bank accounts versus separate. They like it this way because they are able to see precisely how much money they have accurately in the bank. “It gives us accountability to each other, and we’ve noticed that we’re less likely to spend money on useless or unnecessary items by setting it up this way”. Also, couples agreed that if they had a bonus check from work, they would place it in their savings account, or in their emergency fund. They were surprised to hear this response from each other because they thought the other would want to spend extra money on items they just wanted instead of saving it for their possible needs at a later time.

Another important question about money that married couples need to consider; what would happen...
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