Money and Its Values

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Lesson 1 - The Big Secret

Our intention is to help you open the doors to your own
amazing wealth.  We will share some of the keys
and ancient secrets the wealthy have used for
centuries to get ahead and stay ahead.

Today we want to tell you the BIG SECRET

What is the one thing that determines whether you
live a rich, successful life?

Is it the school you went to?  Well, there are a lot
of doctors, lawyers and top tier MBA's wishing
that were true.

Is it whether your parents were rich or poor?
The history of the world is told, it seems, by those
bold and daring folks that came from humble
beginnings to make a rich and lasting contribution
to the wealth of humanity.

Is it what country, station, race, gender or religion
you were born to?  Gandhi, George Washington Carver,
Carrie Nation, Sam Walton, even the Beatles testify
to the folly of such thinking.

The big secret to wealth is and always has been very
simple.  So simple in fact that we have for centuries
ignored its effectiveness.  And when you hear it now,
you may be tempted to discount it as a homily or
even a remnant of religious thinking.

The truth is we use this secret in a very specific and
systematic way to become Rich Beyond Our Wildest
Dreams.  And you can too.

Ask and Receive.

That's the big secret.  You can have anything you
want, all you have to do is ask correctly and be willing
to receive.

It took us from a 2nd personal bankruptcy to a
rich and happy life.

Regardless of where you start, the simple system we
teach can help you live the life of your dreams.

Tomorrow we will tell you a few tricks about money.

Good Luck and Great Adventures

Lesson 2 - Money Is Only A Means

Most everyone obsesses about money.  We all watch the stock market even if we don't own many stocks.  We worry if the Real Estate market goes up or down, depending on whether we own real
estate or want to buy it.  We are overwhelmed with ads for all kinds of financial experts who tell us to put the first 10% of our income away for ourselves first.  One friend said, "I guess that's so I can pay the light bill next month."  And of course we all think we pay the IRS way, way too much.

In the book "I'm Rich Beyond My Wildest Dreams. I am. I am. I am." Tom and Penelope say, "Never, never never ask for money." How can that be if the world runs on money?

Well it doesn't.  Money is our means of exchange. It isn't a cure for unhappiness or ill health or loneliness.  We trade money for things.  That's all.  Sometimes you don't even need money.

In fact, with the Rich Dreams system you get what you ask for by MEANS over which you have no control.

Here's an example:

Shelly lives in Austin, Texas and was in the process of selling her house.  She had a buyer, but the process had taken several strange twists.  As a result Shelly was practically homeless. She put all her furniture into storage and moved her family into their travel trailer waiting for her house to close.  That was two months ago. They're over the travel trailer, but they need the house to sell to get the funds for a new place.

Using the Rich Dreams Success System she wrote the following parameters for her new home.

My new home is a two story house.
It is in a good neighborhood.
It is made of Austin stone.
There is a separate guest house for my son.
(He's 15.)
It has a beautiful view.
It is secluded.
It has lots of windows.
My new home has the proper energy for me to finish my novel. It is easily paid for.
My house finds me.
I write many books in my house.

OK, now here's the part that may shock you to your core.

Four days after she wrote that list Shelly moved into that exact home.

WOW! Four days.

And listen to literally found her!

Without Shelly's knowledge a friend was talking to another
friend who said, "Oh, I wonder if Shelly would move into
my spare house. I'd feel much better if somebody was in it."

It is a...
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