Money and Employer Tuition Benefits

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Estimate Tuition and Expenses
The choices a student can make to reduce the amount they would need to borrow on a loan are they could apply for grants, scholarships, monetary gifts, employer tuition benefits and military benefits. Areas that I felt compelled to borrow more to cover expenses I do not understand if you’re asking in school or in my personal life? Right now enrolling in school I have been granted half of the semester tuition and need to come up with the difference. I wanted to stay away from taking out loans all together. At first my husband was going to put the difference on his credit card and when I get reimbursed from my employer I would pay him back. We have decided that it would be in my best interest to take out the loans for the difference. Part of me wants to take out the whole chunk for the whole time of the degree to get it over with. But now I realize that doing it by chunks would be a better option. This way my payments are low, it does scare me though the whole taking out a school loan and having to pay it back. Reason for this I have friends that say here I took out a huge school loan and it will take the rest of my life to pay it back. Sounds pretty depressing to me. I would feel the options to make my student loan payment more manageable would be as I stated earlier don’t over borrow. That way I don’t have to sit there in the end and be stuck will a huge balance wondering where am I going to come up with the money to pay it off. Borrow the least amount as possible. Take those baby steps is what I go by. So important to not over borrow I don’t want to be like some of my friends after all is said and done sit there questioning to myself now what? I know when I was a single mother going back to school it was nice that I didn’t really have to pay anything which was a huge stress reliever. Now being married its not the case, my husband and I make a little more money. I have found that where there’s a will theirs a way....
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