Mondi: An International Packaging and Paper Group

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Market State in the World5
Branches in Other Countries5
System Risks6

According to Mondi Group website, 2013, Mondi is an international packaging and paper Group, with production operations across 30 countries and over 25,700 employees. Its key operations and interests are in central Europe, Russia and South Africa. The roots of the global business that is now Mondi were first planted in 1967 in South Africa, when their former owners Anglo American plc built the Merebank mill. Following more than two decades’ growth and consolidation in South Africa, they came to Europe in the early 1990s to start a long period of expansion through acquisition. They have bought businesses in countries including Austria, the UK, France, Russia, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Denmark, the Netherlands, Bulgaria and Italy, as well as operations in Mexico. During this time, many major companies – often market leaders in their home nations – became part of Mondi. These included Austria’s Neusiedler AG and Frantschach AG, Cofinec in Poland, and Russia’s Syktyvkar mill, which is central to their future expansion plans into emerging opportunities in Asia and the Americas. Mondi became an independent dual-listed business in mid-2007 when they successfully demerged from Anglo American with listings on the London and Johannesburg Stock Exchanges. From January 2008, in place of the former Mondi Packaging and Mondi Business Paper business units, they now began operating as two divisions: Europe & International and South Africa. SWOT ANALYSIS

According to Pride and Ferrell (2012), SWOT is defined “One tool marketers use to asses an organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threat is the SWOT analysis. Strengths and weaknesses are internal factors that can influence an organization’s ability to satisfy its target market… Opportunities and threats exist independently of the company and therefore represent issues to be considered by all organizations, even those that do not compete with the company.” The following SWOT analysis looks at Mondi Group which is operating in Paper industry. The analysis shows Mondi Group's Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. The SWOT analysis will give a clear picture of the business environment Mondi Group is operating in at the present time. Strengths

The strengths of a business or organization are positive elements, something they do well and is under their control. The strengths of a company or group and value to it, and can be what gives it the edge in some areas over the competitors. The following section will outline main strengths of Mondi Group: Having alliances with other strong and popular businesses is a major plus point for Mondi Group as it helps bring in new customers and make business more effective. * Competitive pricing is a vital element of Mondi Group’s overall success, as this keeps them in line with their rivals, if not above them. * Keeping costs lower than their competitors and keeping the cost advantages helps Mondi Group pass on some of the benefits to consumers. * Mondi Group’s marketing strategy has proved to be effective, helping to raise profiles and profits and standing out as a major strength. * Mondi Group’s reputation is strong and popular, meaning people view it with respect and believe in it. * Being financially strong helps Mondi Group deal with any problems, ride any dip in profits and out perform their rivals. * A strong brand is an essential strength of Mondi Group as it is recognized and respected. * Mondi Group has a high percentage of the market share, meaning it is ahead of many competitors. * Mondi Group’s position in the market is high...
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