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Monde is one of the four major players in the biscuit industry. Monde Nissin Corporation along with its subsidiary corporation Monde M.Y. San, it holds 40% of the market share in the industry making it the top player. Its top selling biscuit is the Nissin Butter Coconut and the Nissin wafer. After Its incorporation in 1979 and after the first biscuit was rolled out in 1980, and with its desire to continue to innovate and provide quality food products, Monde in 1989 ventured into other products such as wet noodles. Inspired by the success of such product Monde, came up with another innovate product, and that is the instant pancit canton. Since its incorporation, Monde has steadily become one of the leading food manufacturers in the country. Today, it is considered as a premier food firm and is one of the top 100 corporations since 2000. To ensure that it stays on top, Monde maintains its own research and development department to further innovate its current products and come up with new ones as well. It also employs an efficient sales force to make sure that its products are distributed nationwide and it uses almost all kinds of advertising tool to communicate its product to every consumer. AREAS FOR CONSIDERATION

With regard to marketing its products, Monde is not maximizing every advertising tool available to them. It rarely advertise through print ads and billboards. The continuous rise in raw materials is a vital concern as this will highly affect the company’s profit margin. Furthermore, since there are a lot of competitors entering the market today both local and international some of which offers it products at a much lower price. With the entry of new competitors, the company’s research and development team should continue to develop and innovate its product to stay ahead the competition. Its competitors are investing heavily on new technology and training its personnel to further improve its operations and products to position itself...
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