Moncton High Auditorium

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Descriptive Essay December 9, 2012
If I were to take a picture of the Moncton High School auditorium it would not do it justice. The importance of this theatre is significant and it is well known and admired in our community. It is a historical landmark in Moncton and was built seventy six years ago. There have been over ten thousand productions on its magnificent stage. Needless to say there are many beloved memories cherished here. It is truly beautiful, not modern but perhaps that’s what makes it so unique. It’s a crime to peek in this theater. Your eyes have to gaze and wonder for awhile until you can feel satisfied that you have soaked up all the beauty. The royal purple velvet curtains with yellow-gold fringe that drape over the stage immediately draw your eyes. The arch surrounding them is decorated with five hand carved plaques. Rows and rows of tutor style attached wooden seats face the stage. The magnificent balcony overhead adds depth to the already large auditorium. Mahogany beams on the high ceiling accents the wood details throughout the theatre. Of all the striking architectural details my favorite is the gorgeous stain glass windows. Once you take your seat you fit perfectly into the rounded back of the plywood and maple chairs. As you shift and move around you can feel it creak beneath you. If you were to reach under your seat you would come across a rusty thick wire, in place for a man’s hat. Brushing your fingers against the heavy curtains you will feel the soft thick velvet, possibly dust as well, as they have been hanging since 1936. Walking along the rubber aisle you become aware of the tiny ridges in it to steady your step. You can’t help but have the vibe of importance when you stroll along. There...
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