Mona Lisa Smile

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Kimberlee Dickerson
February 13, 2013
Mona Lisa Smile Film Review
This film embraces the ethos of the days in which young women in prestigious schools are expected to memorize course contents as they prepare to become exemplary mothers who oversee the education of their children, and wives to be for the nation’s elite males. Mona Lisa Smiles opens in the socially conservative setting of the 1950’s drawn from the experience of Katherine Watson, a teacher of Art History who relocated from California to work at Wellesley College, a prestigious New England women school. Watson, who comes from the Bohemian West Coast, is filled with liberal and feminist values and the nebulous aspiration to “make a difference” is challenged by the traditional view of the college alumni .In the film they also states “a few years from now”, the Wellesley students are solemnly informed, “you sole responsibility will be taking care of you husband and children”. This is not a priority Watson can agree with. She tells the competent but conservative schools president (Marian Seldes),”I thought I was headed to a place that would turn out tomorrow’s leaders, not their wives’. Unlike the typical heroes of the movies about hang out, but in actually studying and doing work, and she despairs when components students throw away their futures(as she sees it) for marriage to men who have already started to cheat before their wedding days. Just like this film Mona Lisa Smiles did not live up to the expectation and has many flaws with its theoretical base it can bring back ,that women did not have to settle to just be a house wife they could go off to college and be anything they wanted.

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