Mona Lisa Art Ciritue by John

Topics: Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci, Portrait painting Pages: 4 (1348 words) Published: December 7, 2011
I chose the Mona Lisa to write my critique on because of it is a beautiful piece of artwork that is well-known worldwide and I have always wanted to learn about it and further understand the beauty and passion put into this painting. My response to this painting is that the Mona Lisa is a deep, tragic piece of art. Although she appears to be smiling (as some would say), the sad yet beautiful vibe reflects the ever going struggle of humankind in her time. By quickly glancing at this painting, a feeling of mystery and secrecy overcomes me as I view her minuscule smile and gentle wandering eyes.

This piece of artwork is of a woman with long hair dressed in a dark coloured dress covered by a flowing cape or robe with a scenic background. Her arms are folded in somewhat of a carefully yet bored way onto her lap and her smile seems to reflect many differing feelings of mystery, innocence, trouble, gentleness, happiness and serenity. It also seems evident that she smiles as if she was forced to or doesn't want to. The painting also appears to be a bit scary or even more mysterious for she has no eyebrows and the gaze from her dark eyes that seems to be aimed directly at you only adds to the painting's degree of horror. Mona Lisa looks like she is on some sort of balcony leaning against the rail and the timing seems to be afternoon about when the sun gets dim. The background consists of a winding road leading past a large body of water surrounded by trees and other foliage towards vast mountains.

This painting showcases every element of art, with an exceptional emphasis on texture. You will definitely want to reach out and touch the surface and the degrees of smoothness although it is just a painting. The lines in this artwork are mostly curved and calm without any harsh endings or zig zag patterns and highlight the material of her robe. The placement of the girl in front of the scenery rather than incorporated into it attracts your attention to her with the...
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