Mona Lisa

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  • Published : February 27, 2013
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Mona Lisa
Leonardo Da Vinci was a painter, an architect and a man of many things. He was considered a genius with a lot of the things he put his mind to. As of today he is best known for his art, including two paintings Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. Leonardo’s paintings were based on science and nature. It was said he spent many hours filling books full of his inventions and observations. Some people did not agree with his ideas and thought of them as outrageous, until later on where they realized his intelligence through his drawings of bicycles, air planes and much more. Leonardo Da Vinci was born April 15, 1452 and he died on May 2nd, 1519. The most famous painting in the world is named Mona Lisa, it was said that it is a showing of his inner self and how he imagines real beauty. He is known for his intelligence in art and science and the shapes and curves are told tell signs that, the painting is his expression of beauty. Many of the Mona Lisa researchers believe that “Mona Lisa “is actually representing a person. Ever sense the first time I heard of the painting I have been told that Mona Lisa was actually Leonardo dressed up. There has been many speculations as to who “Mona Lisa”. Is Mona Lisa a picture of someone else, is it Leonardo is it the Italian friend of Leonardo’s that many researchers stand firm behind? That to me is not certain. To me the painting represents a fairly skinny woman. She has her hands crossed as she is posing for an important picture. She seems to be in some sort of atmosphere with rocks, tress or even mountains behind her. It appears she is sitting down as her hands are lying on her knees. Behind Mona Lisa is what it looks like rivers, full of water or some sort of mountain ranges. The water seems to be flowing downstream as the mountains elevation rises behind her head. Mona Lisa is wearing some sort of head piece to potentially hold her hair back from her face. Her dress is a bit low in the front showing cleavage. Her dress...
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