Mona Communication Plan

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Mona Communication Plan
Basics of Marketing Communication


Turku University of Applied Science
Mathilde van Stappershoef

Current State Analysis2
Mission & vision statement4
SWOT Analysis5
Media mix7
Execution plan9
Campaign evaluation10
Target audience10
Method of contact10
Value of the sale12


Mona is a brand of the company: FrieslandCampina. The company produces different kinds of dairy products under different brand names. The main brands of FrieslandCampina are: Friesche Vlag, Chocomel, Fristi, Dutch lady, Appelsientje, Milner, Campina, Landliebe, Optiwell and of course Mona. FrieslandCampina produces custard, yoghurt and puddings under the name Mona.

The brand Mona was created in 1970. FrieslandCampina, back then called: Melkuni, produced a delicious affordable fruit yoghurt in the Netherlands. One year later mona-custard was added to the assortment. Another two years later in 1973, the first Mona puddings as we know them now were produced. Puddings with the tastes: vanilla and chocolate were produced. Mona has continued to made these first puddings ever since, because they are still quite popular.

In January 1993, Mona introduced something new: ‘het toetje van de maand’ translated to: the dessert of the month. The puddings were only sold in one month. These desserts are always different kind of puddings, it is only called dessert for the name. This was an entire unique concept as no other producers in the dairy industry had this in the Netherlands. It was to make them more unique and stand out from the competitors.

Later the dessert of the month was also used to build a stronger relationship between the company and the customers. This was done by holding a monthly survey of what tastes the consumer would like to have. They could vote for the tastes and the one that would win, would be the dessert of the month. Nowadays you can send in your ‘pudding wish’ to the company through their website.

By now there have been over 150 different puddings and the Dutch still haven’t run out of ideas!

Pudding of this month, October: caramel Pudding with pecan nuts..

Current State Analysis


Mona is part of the company called Campina. Campina is Dutch dairy cooperative. It is a producer of dairy products. The company is an old company, it was found in 1892 in Tungleroy, the Netherlands. It was back then not called Campina. [1] It wat the first dairycooperativee situated in the south of the Netherlands. However it wasn’t until 1947 when the brand Campina was first mentioned. Campina was formed by different


First puddings made by Mona: vanilla- and chocolate pudding.

Mission & vision statement


What does Mona stand for?
‘To connect different game developers, different social networks and different people with each other.’


What does Mona wish to achieve?
‘To become the European leader of publishing social games.’

Plinga is now one of the European leading companies in publishing social games on networks, but they would like to be the actual only one leader in the sector.

Slogan: ‘Mona, daar wordt je blij van’
Translation: ‘Mona that makes you happy’

SWOT Analysis

The following SWOT analysis captures key strengths and weaknesses within the company and describes the opportunities and threats facing Mona.

|Strenghts |Weaknesses | |Well-Known, old...
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