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Mommy Wars

By | November 2012
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Mommy Wars – The Lesser of Two Evils

Mothers of today face the challenge of deciding between maintaining a career while raising their children or putting their career on hold until their children are grown. Society sees working mothers as selfish pariahs that would eat their young in order to have more expensive toys, while stay at home moms are perceived as lazy and skimming off their husbands. As Terry Martin Hekker realized during the 30 year span between writing “the Satisfactions of Housewifery and Motherhood” and “Paradise Lost (Domestic Division)” this decision can have a major impact to one’s life and livelihood. During this time, she went from the feeling “she didn’t realize it was more important to have a bigger house or a second car than it is to rear your own children” to after her divorce, realizing that “the harsh reality is the that the work for which you do get paid is the only work that will keep you afloat” (Hekker). Women’s sacrifices with regards to having children are greater than men’s regardless of whether they choose to keep their career or not. Hope Edelman understood this all too well when she wrote “The Myth of Co-Parenting; How it Was Supposed to be. How it Was.” She discovered that the gender inequality with regards to parenting is still in play even in the home as “the mother nearly always becomes the primary parent, even when she, too, works full time” (Edelman). Working mothers, and all working parents, want to provide their children with the basic essentials needed to develop and grow into responsible, happy adults. They should be able to tap into resources provided by the United States Government to assist them with this.

The United States Government and society at large needs to provide better services to assist parents in this modern day such as requiring certification for child care providers, modifying the Alimony Laws, and ensuring employers provide family friendly work environments. Stay at home...

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