Moments at Aquaria Klcc

Topics: Shark, Fish, Chordate Pages: 2 (499 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Moments at Aquaria KLCC.

Last two months Mr F brought me to a place which I really wanted to go. It was Aquaria located at Kuala Lumpur Conventional Centre. Mr F and I arrived there at 11.00pm and that day it was a public holiday, so there were many people like students, families with young and old, couples and some tourists. Before we entered, we purchased a ticket which cost Rm38 for adults and Rm28 for children. We were greeted by Piranhas just after the entrance. I was really excited because this was my first time to watch Piranhas. For me Piranha is not cute as others fish because of their looks, even though on the movies Piranha was very cruel, but in reality it is not like that. In Aquaria, there are several zone that located different species of animal. The first zone that we were passed away was the “Touch Pool” where we can touch some of the water reef creatures like king crab, Sea Star, sea cucumber, starfish and baby sharks. There is also an” Electric Zone” where there are several species of fish that can produce electric current. We then walked to “The Stream” to see a cute Giant Water Rats and the Asian Small-Clawed Otters. I am lucky because at that time I could see the Water Rat feeding time. The Water Rat was so huge and it was my first time to watch the huge rats about 6kg to 10kg closely. We then continued our journey to the “Jewels of The Jungle” zone, I am not a reptile fan. That why my hair at the back of my neck stand straight up when I saw the snakes. They have variety species of snakes. Besides the lizards and butterfly there are also unusual looking reptiles like the MataMata and the Alligator Snapping Turtle. There’s also the Yellow-banded Dart Frog, which was so tiny, but don’t kid around with this little frog because it is deadly. We then make our way to Level 2 where it has more fishes that called “Amazon Flooded Forest”. As we walked through Level 2, we went through “The Coast”. This zone looks like a beach and they got a...
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