Molecular Weight of a Condesable Vapor

Topics: Water, Evaporation, Vapor pressure Pages: 3 (669 words) Published: March 26, 2013
AP Chemistry
Period 1
Molecular Weight of a Condensable Vapor Lab

The purpose and objective of this lab was to find the molecular weight of a condensed vapor.

Materials and Equipment:
Aluminum foil square (around 6cm on a side)
125 mL flask
3 mL of unknown liquid
200 mL graduated cylinder
600 mL beaker
Balance (0.002g)
Bunsen Burner setup
Rubber band
Ceramic center wire gauze

1.A 125 mL flask was obtained. The square of aluminum was fashioned over the flask by laying the foil over the mouth and folding the sides down. A pin was then obtained and was used to poke a tiny hole in the center of the aluminum cap. 2.Next, the mass was determined of the clean, dry flask with the cap to 0.001 g. 3.3 mL of the unknown liquid was obtained and was poured into the flask. Afterwards the flask cap was replaced securely. 4.Then, a 600 mL beaker was then filled nearly full of water. The beaker was then heated to a boil over the Bunsen burner setup. 5.Once the water reached a boil, the temperature was then recorded and the barometric pressure. Then the flask was clamped at the very top and was suspended to the beaker. 6.The flask from the beaker was not removed and the flask was examined for excess vapor coming out through the pin hole to see a refraction effect. 7.When all of the liquid evaporated, the flask was removed by holding the clamp and set aside to cool. 8.Next, the flask was wiped down until it was completely dry. 9.Then, the mass of flask, cap, and unknown condensed liquid was found. 10.The flask was filled completely full with water. The flask was then poured into a graduated cylinder and measured the volume. 11.Next, all the materials and chemicals were cleaned up.

12.Once the area was clean, the calculations could be completed.

The flask inside the beaker full of water was being examined. As the water surrounding the flask began to...
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