Molarity and Percent Solution Lab

Topics: Concentration, Water, Liquid Pages: 3 (537 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Erin Goodson
Period 1
17 April 2012

Calculating Molarity and Percent Solution


The objective of this lab was to determine the molarity and percent solution of a solution with an unknown concentration.


Molarity is the number of moles of a solute per liter of a solution. Percent solution is the percentage of a solute in a specific mass or volume of a solvent. A solute is a solid that gets dissolved in a solvent or a liquid that is a smaller amount than the solvent. A solvent is a liquid that dissolves the solute and it always is a larger amount. Solvation is when solute particles are surrounded by solvent molecules. A lab technique that was used during the lab was to boil the solution in order to separate the solute from the solvent.

Materials List:

- 10mL graduated cylinder
- Solution with unknown concentration
- Hot plate
- Pipette
- Hot grip
- Scale
- 100mL beaker


1. Obtain the solution with the unknown concentration from Mrs. Magdaleno. 2. Measure the volume of the solution by pouring it in the 10mL graduated cylinder. Use the pipette to take out solution in the graduated cylinder until the volume was at 6mL. Record it in the data table. 3. Measure the empty 100mL beaker using the scale. Record it in the data table. 4. Pour the solution in the 100mL beaker.

5. Find the mass of the beaker and solution using the scale. Make sure to subtract original beaker mass from the mass of the beaker and solution. 6. Boil the solution to separate the solute from the solvent by using the hot plate set to nine. 7. Once all the water has evaporated use the hot grips to remove the beaker from the hot plate and let cool. Find the mass of the beaker and solute using the scale. Make sure to subtract beaker mass from the beaker and solute mass. 8. Use the data from the data table to solve for molarity and...
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