Moksha and Salvation

Topics: Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity Pages: 3 (964 words) Published: April 2, 2011
Ashton Galloway
INT-244 World Religions
Derrick Horne

Since the fall of man and the manifestation of sin, a wedge was placed between God and man. Man has strived to establish a reconnection with God through a variety of sources. Salvation is the source or bridge that connects man to God. Every religion has its own philosophy concerning the path of salvation. “The goal of most Indian religions is to break the cycle of karma and samsara and be free from the burden of life. This breaking of life is called Moksha” (Hopfe & Woodard, 2009, [pg. 85]). Moksha is the Hindu term used which liberates the soul from karma .This liberation can be experienced through death or while one is yet living. In observing the Hindu concept of salvation in comparison to Christianity, there are some similarities as well as differences. It is the Hindu belief that salvation, referred to as Moksha “can be obtained through three paths: knowledge (inana), devotion (bhakti), ritual works or karma” (McDowell & Stewart, 2006). These are the three concepts that illustrate the differences and similarities in both religions of how salvation can be attained. In observing the similarities, the first similarity is the theory that salvation can be attained through knowledge. This type of knowledge is spiritual. In Hinduism it is believed that “Humans basic problem is not wickedness but ignorance. People are ignorant about the true nature of reality and believe that they are separated from Brahman” (Hope& Woodard, 2009, [pg.105]). In the Hindu society, it is only when Moksha is obtained that one is able to see life from a clear perspective. According to Upanishads, “When true knowledge of the illusion of life is realized, one can be freed from the bondage of life and achieve unity with Brahman” (Hope& Woodard, 2009, [pg.89]). In contrast, in Christianity Satan is referred to as a liar and a deceiver. It is his duty to distort the minds of God’s children and cause...
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