Mohandas Gandhi: India's Struggle for Freedom

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  • Published : April 8, 2013
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One of the greatest political changes that occurred due to the actions of Mohandas Gandhi was the eventually independence of India from England. Gandhi led various movements throughout the early 20th century which ultimately aided in the people of India receiving their independence. The first national movement Gandhi led was called the Non-Cooperation Movement. This movement lasted from 1920 to 1922. Through this movement, Indians were asked to surrender any political titles, offices, or posts, refrain from attending any government or political functions associated with the British, and remove their children from any British government run learning institutions. (The struggle for freedom, 2005) Indian participation in this movement was immense, and “about thirty thousand people were arrested” during the movement as British response was to adopt repressive laws banning such actions from the Indian people. (India’s struggle for freedom: role of associated movements, 2008) The movement was eventually suspended due to an increase in violence, but the actions of the movement brought the people together and had received the attention of the British government. A second movement which began in 1930 was the Civil Disobedience Movement. Britain held a monopoly on the production of salt, so Gandhi made a political statement by organizing a group of Indians to march to a coastal community to defy British law and make their own salt. Gandhi was imprisoned, but the message he made caused droves of people to join the movement. While he was imprisoned, marches continued without him, and over 60,000 people were arrested during the following year. (Gandhi leads civil disobedience, 2013) The economic hardships caused by these salt marches eventually led British leaders to remove a ban on the Indian Congress and release the political prisoners. (The struggle for freedom, 2005) These movements empowered the Indian people and eventually led to their Independence in August of 1947....
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