Mohammed Salem - Biography

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Born in 1977, Mohammed Salem was destined for musical greatness. Since his early childhood, his love for music and dance was undeniable. At age 12 he made his first appearance as a professional actor in the theatrical production French Blue. He soon followed with more theatrical roles before finally succumbing to the love of songwriting and music. In 2001 Mohammed launched himself into singing and songwriting releasing a religous album entitled The Greatest Gift. The accapella set was an album he put together to raise awareness amongst his own community and the album became the biggest selling religous set that year. However, in 2003 Mohammed stepped out of the shadows and into his own by deliberating an album with energy and confrontation. Songwriters from Australia and around the world were the driving force behind Mohammed’s debut album mojo. The debut single Nasty peaked at No.3 on the International Pop Charts, although not immune from the nasty feedback by critics. The song was soon followed by the release of his second single Say you’ll make love with me again which peaked at No.9 and written by Chris Headford and Lisa Butler. Critics had a field day with the song claiming it was like revisiting the 80s, and not the better part of it. By April 2004, Mohammed released the third single Can you handle this. Whilst a hit on the charts and in the clubs, it was a song that was overshadowed with controversy. The song was a very sexual song about acceptance, it’s indirect dealings with homophobia and dabbling in a same sex rendezvous. Community and religous leaders stepped out protesting to the song which saw a good boy (of once religous songs/background) become so sexual (and in their eyes ... very bad). The news hit headlines and soon enough it overshadowed the album itself. Mohammed’s record label “Salem Music International” went into damage control by releasing the fourth single Have you ever; a remake of Brandy’s #1 hit. Moderately doing well on the charts, the drama surrounding the very daring and sexually explicit Can you handle this was not going away. Mohammed soon went into seclusion, unable to deal with the media, the dramas in his personal life and the disappointing shipment of only 3,000 units globally. As time went on, Mohammed was in his own little world. There were whispers about a new album; a new project. However, Mohammed was desperate more than ever this time to keep his new found idea a secret. It was only known to managers, label officials and friends as “The S.S. Project”. In February of 2005, Mohammed released a brand new single called Trust A Try which was taken from the new album Street Symphony released in May that year. The song bulleted straight to No.1 on the International Pop Charts followed by his second No.1 single Make A Change. There was a new vibe in the air with the release of this album. Finally, Mohammed stepped into his own by writing a majority of the songs on this album as appose to his first. The album’s theme surrounded social and political issues such as racism, bigotry, sexism, violence, drugs and peer pressure. It was a very mature side to Mohammed that audiences hadn’t yet experienced. Critics also praised the bold move by the singer to stand out on his own and take his music into a completely new direction. The drama and controversy that surrounded his first album had by this time been long forgotten. The album completely titled Mohammed Salem’s Street Symphony went on to sell 43,589 copies world wide. The album also went on to produce an unprecedented 6 Top 10 singles on the International Pop Charts (Trust A Try peaked at #1, Make A Change peaked at #1, Love Will Never Do peaked at #3, Street Symphony peaked at #5, Insecurity peaked at #8 and I’m going down peaked at #10). With the success of his second album, there were clearly high expectations for anything that would follow. Although with a clear head on his shoulders and finally shaping his...
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