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Program Structure
The program consists of a total of ten curricula modules. Students are required to attend the three capstone workshops in person with their peers. Students are encouraged to attend the other seven workshops in person but can complete the degree through a distance learning option for greater flexibility.

The ten Management of the Oil & Gas Industry modules include:

(a) Business
Project Management
Strategic Planning

(b) Technical
Petroleum Geoscience
Production Technology
Reservoir Engineering

(c) Advanced Topics (Tailored to each group's specific organizational challenges) •Project Management for the Oil & Gas Industry
Finance for the Oil & Gas Industry
Strategic Planning for the Oil & Gas Industry

(d) Elective Topics (Participants select one)
Alliances and Partnerships
Mergers and Acquisitions
Organizational Behavior
Strategic Risk Management
Proposed Agenda/Outline over the 3 years
1.Petroleum Geoscience class – 6days with one day field trip. 2.Project Management – Core Business School module. 5 day session 3.Finance – Core Business School module. 5 day session
4.Reservoir Engineering

Year 2:
1.Electives – From the business school (Accounting, Economics, Alliances and Partnerships, Mergers & Acquisitions, Organi-zational behavior, Negotiation, etc). 2.Strategic Planning
3.Production Engineering

Year 3:
These are the last modules but require that you have passed the core modules first. 1.Project Management for the Oil & Gas Industry
2.Finance for the Oil & Gas Industry
3.Strategic planning for the oil and gas industry.

Note: Exams are offered twice a year only, so missing one exam will make the participant to wait for 6 months to take it again.
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