Moet and Chandon: Sustainable Criteria

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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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A description of the business organisation within which you will indentify the sustainable criteria and why you chose this particular organisation

The business organization investigated for this project is Moet&Chandon. Moet& Chandon is a Champagne producer under the umbrella company LVMH. Moet was established in 1743 by Claude Moet. Today it employs about 1800 people. The company owns 2500 acres of land and produces 26 million bottles of champagne every year. (, 2011). As a separate company Moet does not publish a sustainability report, however the holding company LVMH has an annual 70 page report published where the wine and spirits sector within the company gets addressed. As a holding company LVMH is well known for its concern for the environment and paving the way for sustainable luxury products. The targets that LVMH sets as a company must be met by all of its holding companies which includes Moet. Some of these targets include CO2 emissions, upstream and downstream transport, water usage, waste disposal. The wine industry can be viewed in different phases of production. First phase would be the sourcing of raw materials. For this sector it would be the grapes and in order to see If their sustainable or not one has to look at the tecniques used to grow them as well as the water usage, waste management and labor issues. Using an organic method of growing the grapes has become more popular amongst the vineyards in the Champagne county in France. However there are still lots of factors like weather conditions that determine how effective the organic growing is. Also one factor that distingushes champagne vineyards from others is the gegraphical boundary. In order to be labelled champagne the sparkling wine has to originate from the champagne county. Moreover the weather conditions there differ from other places where wine is grown, yet the standards to receive organic certification remain the same. So ‘‘many argue that these methods should be...
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