Module3 Assignment-21st Century Student

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  • Published : May 20, 2012
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This weekend I was at the mall and observed groups of students socializing. They were interacting among each other and having a good time. I noticed their communication styles, social/interpersonal behaviors, topics of discussion, common phrases and verbiage, attitudes, clothing and body art.

The communication style was friendly and often times the use of words was inappropriate or obscene. I could clearly see the impact of technology on students. Each one had a cell phone and was texting while talking to each other. Some were showing each other the “cool” stuff they have on their cell phones, they were taking pictures and looking at it and were making jokes about something they saw in the cell phone. Some had iPods and some had other game device. They seemed to be doing a good job multi-tasking.

Their social/interpersonal behaviors were quiet interesting to observe. They were calling each other seemingly derogatory names and no one seemed to mind that! For example “Yo dumpling head” and “yellow popcorn” instead of “hello”. Some boys and girls were holding hands while others in the group were giving high fives and some of them were doing silly things like making funny faces or making silly noises while having a conversation to make the group laugh.

Their topics of discussion as a group were school, planning what they would do in summer, Facebook, downloading things from internet and relationships. Boys mostly were talking about cars/bikes, sports, music and body building. Girls talked about shopping and the deals you get at a particular store, popular television shows like American Idol-(which was their favorite), popular music albums, books and fashion.

When they were talking their common phrases and verbiage were less formal. They used slang, cursing and inappropriate words. It seemed that this made them come closer to one another. There was total lack of respect but no one seemed to mind...
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