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Module Handbook

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  • November 2011
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Strategy in Action

Module Handbook

Autumn Semester
2011 - 2012

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We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the unit and wish you every success with your studies.

The aim of MN3027 is to expose learners to the dynamics of competitive landscapes and to the complexity of decision making and strategy development. The module is challenging but also very interesting and it will enable you to improve your analytical and problem-solving skills. The delivery of this module has been designed in such a way as to provide a systematic method of teaching and learning, and to enable students develop and enhance their own insights into related issues in a reflective way, aided by suggested theory and best practice methods and examples.

Every week there will be a lecture, with every campus having its own lecturers, followed up by a seminar (tutorial sessions) according to individual timetables. Lectures are used to introduce and consider key theories, perspectives and current thinking and practice. The tutorial sessions, facilitated by a number of tutors, are used to support and enhance student understanding and include a variety of classroom-based exercises that consolidate on the material visited in the lectures.

We hope that you will find the lessons interesting and rewarding. We can assure you that we will strive to provide you with the highest possible standard of tuition, support and advice. This is our commitment to you. In return, we hope that you will strive to achieve and maintain a high standard of performance by attending regularly, contributing in lessons and producing work of good quality, and time and on brief.

The module documentation is available on the University’s WebLearn platform, and therefore, is accessible from the Internet at any time. Please familiarise yourselves with the...

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