Module 7 - Surveying the Basics of Grammer

Topics: Question, Grammatical tenses, Past tense Pages: 2 (528 words) Published: July 18, 2013
1| Describe how you would drill the past tense (or another grammar point) with a repetition drill, a yes-no question drill and a substitution drill.| 2| Explain how you would teach the difference between active and passive verbs (or another grammar point) using Guided Discovery.| 3| Determine what the most likely grammar point will be in each of the following and summarize or define it.I would go if I had the time. What have you done with your hair?

That sign was just painted.
He could have phoned but I doubt it.
She'll have finished by the time we arrive.|

For teaching past tense irregular verbs I have a made a small brick game that uses 25 common verbs. On each square brick is written four verbs with two in present tense and two in past tense. The tense pairs are written across from each other. Each student draws five bricks and a single brick is placed in the middle of the table. Each student takes turns laying down a brick by connecting the present and past tense. The tense must match on all connecting sides. If a student cannot lay down a brick they draw a new one. First student to lose all of their bricks wins. As for a yes-no questions they can be used with flash picture cards, powerpoint and what not, or by reading a passage of a text and start a string of questions “Did he/she …” A substitution drill could be to write a number of sentences on the board or on a work sheet in simple present tense and then ask the students to change them into simple past. First an example sentence is required, such as; Today Tom eats strawberries. Yesterday Tom ate cherries. 2

I would teach active and passive voice both through the use of sentences on the board and letting the students more or less figure out the differences by themselves, but also use power points or cartoons which highlight the actor within a sentence. I believe visual aids are more crucial teaching this grammar point than any other, as it can be confusing for the students as to who is...
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