Module 6

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  • Published : April 25, 2013
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Part I: Identify the Issue or Problem—Written

What do I need to do?
Select a topic from the above list.

Define the issue in terms of teen driving.

Complete research to explain what the problem is. Use statistics or data to back up your assertions.

How is the problem being addressed? What groups are addressing the problems? What are some programs or initiatives that are working to solve or curb the problem? Be sure to name at least two initiatives or programs trying to solve this problem.

How should I show my understanding?

In a written format. Please use complete sentences. You may choose to display the data you collect in a bar graph, pie graph, or chart. Be sure to cite your information by showing where you obtained your data or statistics.

Part II: Solutions for the Issue—Persuasive Speech or Presentation

What do I need to do?
What are your ideas for solving or curbing the problem? What could be done that is not currently being done? This should be your idea, or an extension of a program, but not one that has already been implemented.

What can you do to personally to bring this issue to light?

How should I show my understanding?

Choose one format:
•A written form—as a persuasive speech, or a pamphlet.
•Write it in the form of a new law.
•In an Audio form as an .mp3 file of your persuasive speech. •A PowerPoint presentation, or another presentation program you know how to use
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