Module 4

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Module 4
Context and Principles
The learning Outcomes for this module are designed to support the learner to:- Understand the role of legislations, frameworks and influences in the workplace To understand the Every Child Matters Framework.

Understand Multi Agency working

Task 1
Look at the list of legislations and statutory requirements for various areas of childcare. The policies and procedures in your setting are based on these. It is useful to have a good working knowledge of each one. To help you do this, please outline the main points of each of the following.

(ref:067.2.1, 067.2.2, 053.2.1, 064.1.1, 066.1.1, 053.2.1, 027.1.3, 027.2.2)

How are all of these supported in the work environment? For the following 5 give ideas, scenarios or real case anecdotes to explain this. (ref:024.3.1)

Task 2

Scenario: You are about to set up a new setting of your own. First, you must ensure that you have the relevant background knowledge. Write a report to demonstrate your knowledge covering the following areas: The legal status and the principles of the EYFS (ref:064.1.1) Why there is an important emphasis on a personal an inclusive approach to learning and development (ref:024.2.3) Give examples of how you do this at work.

Why is a ‘person centered approach’ also relevant in relation to safeguarding children? (ref:025.2.2) Identification and impact of the current policies, frameworks and influences on the early years A description of what is meant by evidence based practice – including examples An explanation of how you will promote learning within the EYFS (ref:064.1.1, 1.3, 1.2, 067.2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 065.3.1)

Think of your own practice and that of the other members of staff. How can it be used to promote children and young people’s development? Does it sometimes hinder development? (ref:024.4.1)

Task 3
Factors to consider in preparation for a new room or setting: List 5 factors to take into account when planning a healthy and safe environment – give a brief description for each. (ref: 027.1.1) We need to understand that every child is different and therefor has different needs. We need to look at the age range of children in the setting/room and the abilities of these childre. We need to ensure we actively seek to help the understanding of children with impairments I.e pictorial signs, flashing and noisy alarms. We need to ensure the children's safety and welfare whilst in the setting. As per the duty of care we are legally obliged to ensur the welfare and safety of everyone within the setting. We should ensure we have the appropriate reporting chain for the health and safety of everyone whilst in the setting. We need to ensur eggar everyone is clear on what their role is within the health and safety aspect and ensure they know whom to report to. We should work to achieve learning and development of all the children, we should follow the EYFS and ensure the children are gaining more knowledge, through play and activities. Identify sources of current guidance for planning healthy and safe environments and services. (ref: 027.1.3) Health and Safety at work act 1974

Control of Subtances Hazardous to Health Act
Childcare act 2006
Food hygiene legislation 2006
Product marking
Explain the importance of designing services around the needs of children and young people. (ref: 030.2.2, 024.2.3, 064.1.3) All children are different, they all have different abilities at different ages. Therefor we need to ensure we are diverse enough to cater for all the children within the setting. We cater for children aged 2-14yrs at Treasured Tots, we have endeavoured to create an area where they'd all like to be. Surprisingly most of the older children enjoy playing and interacting with the younger children, therefor we have moved our larger tables and chairs into our pre-school room so the older children are able to join the younger children at meal times. As well within the setting...
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