Module 2: Cell Processes

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  • Published : March 17, 2013
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Directions: Complete the following quiz, which will be submitted to your instructor for a grade. Multiple choice: Select the best answer for each of the following: For questions 1-4, you need to know that the grey wolf has a diploid chromosome number of 78. Question 1:

What is the haploid number for the grey wolf?

User's Answer: 39

Question 2:

How many chromosomes are there in one full set of chromosomes in the grey wolf?

User's Answer: 39

Question 3:

How many sets of chromosomes are there in the lung cells of a grey wolf?

User's Answer: 2

Question 4:

How many sets of chromosomes do eggs from a grey wolf contain?

User's Answer: none of the above

Question 5:

What is the correct order of the phases of the cell cycle in a human skin cell?

User's Answer: G0, G1, S, G2, M, cytokinesis

Question 6:

In producing new liver cells, why must S phase come before mitosis?

User's Answer: Two sets of chromosomes must be available before mitosis so that each of the two daughter cells will have an entire set of chromosomes.

Question 7:

In producing eggs and sperm, why must the DNA be divided to half its "normal" amount in somatic cells?

User's Answer: The DNA in eggs and sperm must be divided in half so that when they later join together as a fertilized egg, the egg has a "normal" amount of DNA.

Question 8:

What type of cells does mitosis produce?

User's Answer: Mitosis produces two diploid somatic cells.

Question 9:

What type of cells does meiosis produce?

User's Answer: Meiosis produces four haploid gamete cells.
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