Topics: Asia, Southeast Asia, Central Asia Pages: 42 (3467 words) Published: January 17, 2013

|Level |GRADE 7 | |Content |Content Standards |Performance Standards |Learning Competencies |Assessment | | | | | | | | | | | | | |Domain/ | | | | | |Strand | | | | | |Different Art Form Folk Art of Luzon (Highlands & Lowlands) | | First Grading |The learner demonstrates understanding of the |The learner analyzes elements of art and principles |Analyze an example of Philippine folk art from Luzon| | | |elements of art, principles of design and |of design and processes of Philippine art |and describe how the elements of art and principles | | |Carving |processes by synthesizing and applying prior | |of design are used. | | |Weaving |knowledge and skills |The learner correlates art |Explain the distinguishing characteristics of | | |Pottery | |to the Philippine culture. |representative Philippine folk art from Luzon in | | |General Functions |The learner demonstrates understanding of salient | |relation to history and culture of the area. | | |Cultural Context (History |features of Philippine art by correlating the |The learner creates examples of Philippine art, | | | |and Traditions) |elements of art, principles of design and |alone and with others, in appropriate elements of |Analyze the relationship of functions of Philippine | | |Styles / Techniques |processes within diverse cultures of our country. |art and principles of design. |art from Luzon to the lives of the people. | | | | | |...
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