Module 1 Slp

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Robert Brown
Module 1 SLP
OPM 500
Operations Management for Managers
Dr. Kevin Dickenson
January 15, 2013

4 Corners Cookie Company
The 4 Corners Cookie Company was established in 2013 from a vision of Robert Brown to create a local and unique cookie and bakery company that produces quality cookies, cupcakes and cakes. The 4 Corners Cookie Company breaks the mold of creating commonly known round cookies and produces all of its 16 varieties of cookies in the shape of a square, hence the 4 Corners Cookie Company. In addition to our unique cookies, 4 Corners Cookie Company also produces 16 varieties of cupcakes and an assortment of special occasion single tier cakes.

Currently, The 4 Corners Cookie Company in addition to its retail store location also provides its cookies and cupcakes under contract to 8 local retail grocery stores and 24 convenience stores and to 17 public schools as well as Cameron University’s Student Union Cafeteria.

The 4 Corners Cookie Company daily production capacities are: 8,000 cookies per day and 2,000 cupcakes per day. All special occasion cake varieties are special order with one day notice to allow for customer decoration requests. All grocery store cookies and cupcakes varieties are packaged in quantities of 12. Convenience store and Cameron University are packaged in individual 4 quantity “quick” packs.

Cookie and Cupcake Menu Board
Banana Walnut Chocolate Chunk|
Made with fresh bananas, oats, walnuts, and chocolate chunks.  You'll go ape over this cookie.| |
Chocolate Chunk|
A classic favorite loaded with real semi-sweet chocolate chips.| |
Chocolate Rainbow|
A favorite with kids of all ages.  A brownie cookie topped with M&M® candies.| |
A "soft-baked" version of the popular gingersnap.  Rich in molasses taste, sprinkled with sugar on top.| |
Glacier Mint|
Rich fudge brownie taste with a hint of pure peppermint.  The perfect "after dinner" cookie.| |
Lemon Coconut|
A unique texture and taste with pure lemon extract and fresh coconut.  The cookie with many loyal fans.| |
Oatmeal Raisin|
Rich in flavor with a hint of maple syrup and molasses.|
Peanut Butter|
Grandma's Recipe - Made with the finest all natural peanut butter.| |
Pumpkin Pecan White Chocolate|
Better than pumpkin pie! Moist and delicious with chunks of pecans and white chocolate.| |
Toffee Fudge |
A delicious combination of rich chocolate fudge cookie with chunks of Toffee nuggets.  A toffee lovers dream!| |
Snicker doodle|
A step above the popular sugar cookie.  A light buttery taste topped off with cinnamon and sugar.| |
White Chocolate Mocha|
Have your coffee and eat it too!  Made with real coffee beans and delicious white chocolate.| |
Sugar Free Chocolate Walnut|
The ideal cookie for chocolate lovers.  A soft fudge brownie taste with crunchy walnuts and sugar free chocolate chips.| |
Sugar Free Lemon Lush|
You won't believe this cookie is really Sugar Free!  This soft baked cookie tastes like lemon pound cake, made with real lemon juice and lemon zest.  The perfect cookie for lemon lovers who are on a sugar restricted diet.| |

Sugar Free Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip|
The best of both cookie worlds!  Delicious, all natural peanut butter combined with sugar free chocolate chips makes this cookie a crowd pleaser.| |
Breakfast Cookie|
A delicious, all natural "Breakfast" cookie.  Made with Kashi® cereal, crunchy walnuts, dried cranberries and protein powder, it is an ideal breakfast for busy people who want a delicious, nutritious meal on the go.| |

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Production Management
Key Area 1 – Storage of Raw Material
a. Dry Storage
a. Flour
b. Sugar
c. Salt
d. Dry Flavor Spices
b. Wet Perishable...
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