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Modern Gaming
Brief History
Gaming has changed a lot in the past few years, from whole games being developed by a three to five man teams usually consisting of a programmer, designer and an artist to near a dozen programmers and close to a hundred artists. When did we make this huge leap? Gamers often agree that this development happen somewhere around 1995 to 97, just as 3d games where surfacing and becoming playable. 3d games have excited since the late 80s, when referring to 3d games I’m referring to polygon based games because there had been games much earlier that gave the player a 3d prospective however it wasn’t actual 3d just made to look like it. Games like this are Rad Racer and 3D Battles of World Running who both came out around 1987. Since the 1990 popularity of 2d games has declined dramatically mostly because developer wanted to push the boundaries and so moved to develop 3d games where the possibilities are endless and graphic could be made realistic like an augmented reality. Hardware Improvements

3d games are very resource demanding of computers and so 3d accelerators were made thus pushing the graphics even further, 3d accelerators were later replaced by GPU’s, graphic processing unit, a dedicated processor for rendering out graphics commonly referred to as a graphics card or video card. Sound in early games were just some bleep and blobs but as game developers wanted better sounds and music they made sound cards and advanced sound controllers. You would think that the movie or music industry would have implemented sound cards first but the gaming industry was first in bringing music to the computer. Valve Software

Industry leaders in artificial intelligent, design, physics, character design, audio, narrative and gameplay and the piece of software that change the way we buy games forever. Today Valve software is known for innovation and quality but there would have never been portal, Team Fortress 2, left 4 dead, Counter-Strike or Steam if there hadn’t first been Half-Life. Valve software was founded by long time Microsoft employee Gabe Newell and Mike Harrington in 1996. Newell was a Harvard drop out that had spent 13 years with the company, producing the first three versions of windows. Over the years he and Harrington had become so called Microsoft milliners and inspired by Michael Abrash who left Microsoft to work on quake with id software, who left to found valve software 1996. Abrash himself would leave id software to join valve in 2011 but no before helping them to secure a license to the quake engine that would be the backbone of their first game a syfy first person shooter set in an secret resource and development lab, Harrington would act as programing leader on the project, his only for valve, and the game would be named after the time required for half of a sample to undergo radioactive decay. Valve Software or Valve Corporation as they known now is a game developer. The next two years Valve released games like Team Fortress a simple team death match game and an expansion pack for Half-Life. In 2000 they struck gold yet again with Counter-Strike like Team Fortress Counter-Strike was a multiplayer online first person shooter however Counter-Strike is a more of a tactical game were players join either the terrorist team, the counter-terrorist team, or become spectators. Each team attempts to complete their mission objective and/or eliminate the opposing team. Each round starts with the two teams spawning simultaneously. The teams spawn at opposed sides of the map in buy zones were players pursuit weapons and gear. If a player dies he will have to rebuy all his gear. Money is earned by killing members of the opposite team or by completing objectives. This simple formula has gamers sitting in front there computer for hours upon hours. The game has been rereleased two times proving just how addictive it is, Counter-Strike: Source released in 2004 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive both...
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