Modernization or Westernization

Topics: Western culture, Culture, Sociology Pages: 2 (469 words) Published: March 4, 2011

​In modernization the society tries to innovate and utilize its present and old knowledge, patterns, techniques and resources. Modernization makes a society more confident, independent, versatile and moreover self-sufficient. As Modernization in case study of Indian society has played a vital role in bringing up its status in the globally recognized societies.

​Modernization has led to the betterment in the utilization of the manpower, resources and techniques pre-existing into Asian society. Asian society is getting advanced and better in every aspect of life. People are using better ways in technology, education, life styles and in establishing advanced networking. Life has become new, interesting, globalized, approachable and easy for the people. Majorly in terms of attitudes and thinking people are trying out new definitions of values, cultural dimension and new working principles that all together making the lives and standard more high.

People most of the times tend to believe modernization and westernization as synonymous of each other. But in reality they are not so. Both of the process are totally different and play a difference role in people live respectively. In the previous one the society tries to get betterment and advancement by the utilization of its own resources, opportunities and manpower. This process makes the society self-sufficient, healthy and confident. In this process the society looks towards the present and existing treasures in one’s own culture, civilization and social patterns. In the later the society modern and that is a need of Asian in present scenario.

Though the western countries are already modernized and advanced so there is no such harm in adoption of western patterns. But it is really harmful when in the shade of adoption we start condemning our own great culture, patterns and resources. Without trying out for any betterment of our own opportunities, if we simply assent the western patterns and...
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