Modernization of Ntuc Income

Topics: Digital, Disaster recovery, Business continuity planning Pages: 3 (869 words) Published: January 14, 2013
CASE STUDY: Modernization of NTUC Income?

1.)What were the problems faced by Income in this case? How were the problems solved by thenew digital system?

The insurance operations in the company income tired and very laborious and require a large number of staff and rely on the system documentary, which led to the complexity of operations and the collapse of the system hp3000 central frequently and who was treated applications cooperative insurance and accounting information systems and administrative and if the need to back up, we need more days of work and effort and if stopped this system as a result faulty given the work stops for six days, as well as the program COBOL faced breakdowns extra led to interruption systems temporary At the same time, the process of developing new products using COBOL is very stressful and takes weeks not available information accurately and continuously to customers in a timely manner. But through new digital systems, and address these problems. Replaced by paper-based insurance operations of the paper platform. Under the new system, are examined documents and transactions and stored on "storage devices and the process of addressing frequent breakdowns by platform high availability. Are hosted multiple servers and connected to the lines of communication and processing that are downloadable. New system also addressed systems to handle faults through centers hot disaster recovery backup. as the new digital systems started the development of new products by the COBOL through processing capabilities workflow processes directly from the new system.

2.) What types of information systems and business processes were used by Income before migratingto the fully digital system?

The process of insurance company income complex and intense and is based on papers and documents. And follow-up transactions are sent to customers by mail agents. Schedule causing delays in data collection to three days. Record Office, sort and send...
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