Modernism Killer of Humanity

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  • Published : February 18, 2013
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Modernism kills humanity……….
You who think the meaning of life is in the click of the keys on your laptop, the beep of your pager in the firm grasp of business’s opponents handshake. You who thinks life means clinching contracts or looking the best in your friends party. will you think the same for thirty, forty years? Wheeling for the breath in the death bed. which thing will give us comfort?.designer clothes stashed away at your back of your closet or the quiet satisfaction at the life well and happily lived? How can you?, not only you ,the entire world have forgotten ,what is the most important? The flesh of my flesh.

The blood of my blood.
Yet you who are still different ,you will never enjoy the quiet pleasures of life that people did once upon a time, caught up in the flurry of the mundane ,day to day activities ,can you no longer feel the anguish of orphaned children ,wakening in hospital beds, and quiet desperation of those whose loved ones were swept away by the tidal waves? A voice within me scream but I remain silent .the world is moving fast too fast and it has sucked up deep into its whirlwind. People today describe modernism as being stylish ,up to date in short improving modernism not only exemplifies the appearance or clothing but the term encompasses more .hard to admit but our virtues have been spoiled by modernism .it forces us to cross limits ,break our rules and worst of all forget our religion. We are tugging ,leaping and falling ,trying to get the best of life but unfortunately getting the worst .we don’t even know where we are heading and towards what ? What would this material wealth give us?

Higher standards of living beyond necessity or higher status in society? define us bigger than someone or give us temporary pleasure ?is this what we were supposed to be? I look around at the enraptured faces of our youth, lost in the glittering world of American movies, Britney spears and spirits weak at school. I feel more than anger or...
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